Course introduction and objectives

A more narrowly focused course with an emphasis on legal aspects of not-for-profit enterprise and governance, this course explores legal aspects of not-for-profit enterprise and governance. Participants will learn the basic legal principles particular to not-for-profit enterprise and governance. They will explore and examine current trends and challenges in the legal landscape of not-for-profit management and governance and develop a greater understanding and awareness of key legal issues in operations within and involving the sector.


Course schedule summary


Session Topic
1 Governance of non-profit organisations
2 Tax policy and compliance

Accountability and reporting

Issues in fundraising

3 Crime and fraud

Competition law

4 Partnering with other organizations

Drafting agreements

Licensing and intellectual property

5 Public relations, political activity, communications and advertising
6 Insurance and risk management
7 Disputes and conflict resolution
8 Succession planning and changing or ending the organization
9 Capstone session and/or practicum


Each session will also include identification of key trends affecting the sector for that particular topic or grouping of topics.

Dr. Elizabeth Crawford Spencer is Associate Professor of Law at ACU and Adjunct Associate Professor of Law at Bond University on the Gold Coast.  She conducts research and writes in the areas of contracting, regulation, development cooperation, social enterprise, intellectual property, and franchising law, most recently focussing in legal and regulatory issues in the intersection of for-profit and third sector enterprise.