What if…

  • I don’t know whether I want to study law
  • I have a law degree but I can’t find a job
  • I have a law degree but I can’t find a job I want
  • I have a job, but I’m thinking about a change



We work with you

  • one-on-one consultations
  • collaborative experiences


you can do this… 



Here’s where you can find resources to get started


Writing skills

CVs, resumes, cover letters,

Writing content for social media

Business skills



Basics of management, marketing, accounting, finance, etc

Tech skills


social media marketing, websites, Facebook, blogging etc

(Note that of the five senses only two are available online, optical and acoustic)

People skills

21st century Business etiquette

selling, persuasion, empathy



Life skills


Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, sport, fitness, art etc

Work-Life Design skills

Putting it all together to design & construct the best work-life for you

Start where you are –

self-assessment etc

Job searching

Enterprise start-ups