Welcome to Leĝa

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Welcome to Leĝa, where you will find discussions about legal education, careers, tools and skills and all things related – and maybe some that aren’t. There is much to talk about, and we will try to highlight the most interesting and useful information.

The first substantive post on this site will be about The Law Society of New South Wales Report on the Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession (the flip Report). Released in late March 2017, the flip Report is about as current as we can get in talking about developments regarding the future of legal education and the profession in Australia, and so we think it provides a good starting point for our conversations.

We hope you will find something of worth in what we do.

As William Henderson wrote in his excellent article Blueprint for Change, ‘There is an opportunity here; an opportunity to do something great.’ We hope you agree. And we look forward to your participation.

Stay tuned for our comments on the flip Report in coming days.