Are you considering a law degree?




Prospective law students are invited to attend our first annual

‘Yes to Law?’ Colloquium

Gold Coast, Australia

1:15-4:45 pm on 2 December 2017 


The ‘Yes to Law?’ Colloquium is for school leavers


anyone considering studies or a career in law




To Do Law or Not to Do Law?


If that’s a question for you, please join us for a thought-provoking and inspiring afternoon of interactive presentations and discussion about

how to decide if a law degree is the right choice for you

what studying law is like (and insights into life as a law student)

what the practice of law is like and insights about the profession

the wide variety of different fields within the discipline

options outside the law

how to tailor the most effective educational program for you

how to strategise your initial career moves



The overall aims of this interactive session are to

  • provide participants with a solid understanding and awareness to make sound and informed decisions about undertaking the study of law,
  • help develop confidence, commitment and attitudes necessary for professional success in any field &
  • establish a foundation to provide an initial advantage for those who do chose to start their journey towards becoming a lawyer.



By the end of the day you may find yourself saying definitely yes to law, and if you do, it is likely to be for all the right reasons.

Or perhaps you will decide that ‘no’ to law is the right answer for you.

Either way you can expect to be clearer in your purpose and about next steps.



This is a day to imagine futures together and to inspire action


A follow-up session may be offered to students completing this colloquium who are interested in developing key skills for success in this highly competitive area.


Ok, so what next…?



To register your interest or to find out more please contact us via email or the link below or phone us on 0432 992 532.

A fee of $35 is requested to partially defray expenses and to reserve your place as numbers are strictly limited.


The ‘Yes to Law?’ Colloquium will be directed by Laurence Boulle, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer and Benedict Atkinson.

Please see our About Us page to learn more.


Leĝa does not act as an agent for any law school.