elizabeth crawford spencer,



Liz has held positions at American and Australian law schools and has taught at universities in Asia and the Pacific. Youngest in a family of four, her father a New York commercial lawyer, law lecturer and subject of a major insider-trading case; brother a judge; and mother a legal practitioner, dinner conversation often centred around legal issues, “I remember from the age of around five having to cite authority for whether I could have more gravy….”

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laurence boulle,


Laurence has held academic positions at four Australian law schools and has taught at universities in New Zealand, the Pacific, Africa and Europe. He was a foundation staff member at the Bond University Law School where he established the Dispute Resolution Centre which continues to provide extensive training and continuing professional development after two decades. As a practising mediator Laurence has learned most of his skills and techniques from his four children, and from his first granddaughter.

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benedict atkinson, LLB, BA, LLM, PhD

Having spent several years working as a government advisor before becoming an academic, most of Ben’s academic work has been concentrated in the field of intellectual property. His strongest research interest is focused on social inequality, which is closely connected with the allocation of proprietary rights. Ben notes that the study of IP helps us to understand how rights are allocated in ways that may create social disadvantage (conventional narrative about IP rights asserts that these rights are socially beneficial in effect). Having written and co-authored  a number of books concerned with IP rights, e.g. A Short History of Copyright, Ben also teaches administrative and constitutional law, and contract law.  He has a particular interest in reading history, and thinks that understanding history allows us to save ourselves from ourselves.




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