what we do

We create a space for students, teachers and the profession in Australia to come together in an ongoing discourse about legal education, law careers and legal practice and more broadly the future of work for those trained in law. You’ll find information and a forum for conversations about

  • how law is practiced,
  • how practitioners of tomorrow are prepared for the rigours of the profession,
  • how the profession and education are responding to the changing nature of the way we work and interact, and
  • how all of this reflexively impacts upon the future of legal profession and education

In addition to providing a space for discourse we offer courses about law and the practice of law, coordinated by esteemed colleagues, expert in their fields

And we provide advice & consulting services to

  • students
  • teachers
  • institutions and
  • industry

why we do it

To re-imagine their roles and to build satisfying careers, legal professionals and students preparing to enter the profession need an independent learning community for legal education and experience. We think this community has the potential to reinvigorate not only legal education and training processes, but also to have a positive impact on the profession. The challenges are many and great, and can only be met by working together.

education & experience

the life of the law

bringing it all together