Dispute Resolution Walkshop a resounding success!!!

Attended by more people than any walkshop in dispute resolution history!

Really. I mean it.

And we’ve got the photos to prove it:


Thanks to everyone who attended the dispute resolution walkshop the first! I can’t imagine a more lovely (not to mention accomplished) group of people to share a Sunday afternoon.
Laurence, thank you so much for your insights, interesting tidbits about our surroundings and of course for your expertise on the topic at hand – characteristically generous of you.

It is of course all about sharing and we hope to keep it going. Every one of you has much to offer; we look forward to working with you in putting together future events on topics and in venues of your choice, perhaps according to your particular areas of expertise and geographical, kinesthetic and/or other predilections. As soon as Resolvaboulle up and running, we will link to it from this site. Meanwhile, I hope everyone will stay in touch. Thanks again for a delightful Sunday afternoon.

Kindest regards,

Liz Spencer