Understanding your choices in legal education



There are about 42 accredited institutions that offer traditional legal education in Australia.

(Yes, that’s alot – Australia has over 2.5 times more traditional law schools per capita than the US.)

These institutions offer a range of choices, e.g. UG or PG study, full or part time, double degrees…



But these choices only go so far. With traditional institutional legal education, students have to commit to a long program of study and are required to commit precious time and financial resources to courses they may not need.


We think there should be a greater range of opportunities and more choice for legal study in Australia


  • What if you’re not able or ready to commit to a full 4 or 5 year program of legal study?
  • Maybe you don’t want to practice law, or maybe you just want to try it out.
  • Maybe you have an interest in a certain topic, like human rights, or intellectual property.
  • Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who needs some law to help you manage your new business and avoid risk.
  • Or maybe you’re in a role where some legal knowledge in a particular area would be useful, and would help you advance your career or a new business.




Leĝa offers legal education in new ways, to meet diverse needs and interests

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For some people a traditional law degree is the right choice.

We want to help you make the right choices for you.

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