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Though the concept is simple, the results can be deep and far-reaching. At Leĝa teaching is about being with students. Accomplishments are celebrated and transformed into life-long habits. New acquaintances become lifelong friends. Programs in legal education can be combined with appreciation of the environment, ecology, and culture, delivered in ways that encourage durable and fruitful relationships among students and faculty members and that engender sustainable and rewarding sense of identity and harmony within the physical and contextual environment.

Short, focused, experiential courses in law take place in selected environments conducive to rich experiential learning. Courses may run over a weekend or series of weekend sessions, or as intensives of a number of days, with a focus on a specific area of law, or a general overview of an area relating to law and legal practice. Students develop appreciation for specific legal issues related to the course focus. Together they develop skills and knowledge through their involvement in various collaborative activities.



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custom-designed courses

Teaching and learning alternatives across a diversity of settings and experiences, affording the student-teacher interaction limitless potential beyond the constraints of the classroom.

Leĝa delivers custom-designed teaching and learning courses and packages. Our innovative course offerings and learning modules can, for example,

  • be designed as traditional university courses
  • be tailored specifically to the requirements of the client institution
  •  intersect or overlap with tertiary or university education, but depart from the traditional university classroom setting in a variety of ways


examples of courses:

  • Dispute Resolution Walkshops
  • Imagining the Law for prospective law students – a 1-day ideas fest!
  • Legal literacy for solopreneurs – a three-day immersion providing legal knowledge and skills for start-ups
  • Intensives in special topics, such as intellectual property for business owners, occupational health and safety, key issues in franchising, environmental law, legal issues for social media, privacy and cyberlaw
  • The Ledge: cutting edge ideas in law & legal research

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non-virtual learning experiences of the highest quality


We design non-virtual learning experiences of the highest quality. The focus of these programs is on active learning, character development and teamwork across diverse learning environments with equal emphasis on development of the character and the intellect. Through shared challenges, adversity, failure and success, students discover and develop new skills, confidence and passion. Students are required to contribute to the group, aware of and responsive to others.

Courses may be combined with travel, volunteering, or outdoor and team-building activities such as rock-climbing or sailing. Leĝa modules include and transcend the traditional classroom because students and teachers do better when they have variety, flexibility, and comfort in the learning environment. We value and aim for the highest standards, while at the same time infusing our interactions with the joy of engaging with concepts and ideas. Hard work is part of it.  We offer ‘quality and seriousness’ in teaching. It can be rigorous and demanding; it is ‘intended to provide tools to really think seriously about the world.’ Online learning is a great way of meeting students where they are and serves as a useful and necessary feature of the learning process.


student centred/teacher driven

Because Leĝa teaching is about being with students, students ARE 100% at the centre of what we do. Student-focussed, teacher- driven learning means better teacher-student interaction, more engaging, more relevant, in short better learning experiences.  See ‘we’re talking about’ to learn more about how Leĝa supports better learning by restoring the primacy of the student-teacher interaction.



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